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Artificial Grass: How Synthetic Turf Can Help Your Home Or Business

There has been a lot of talk about Fake Grass in recent years and with good reason. Whether at a baseball stadium, a football field, or even a field at a commercial park, having artificial surfaces can provide many benefits to a venue. These surfaces are much easier to clean and can help reduce the amount of maintenance a stadium needs. They also do not require the upkeep of natural grass, which is something that many people appreciate. But, do you have the right artificial grass products for your venue?

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There are many different types of synthetic fibers and materials available to you and your sporting event. The main two types are polyethylene and acrylic. Each one exhibits its own set of benefits as well as drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at each type to see which one would be best suited for you and your venue.

Polyethylene is one of the most popular synthetic grass products on the market today. This material comes in rolls similar to natural grass and comes in an endless variety of colors and patterns. However, because it is made of more plastic than natural fibers, it is more susceptible to being damaged by potholes and uneven foot traffic. Many manufacturers of this type of infill also produce rubber crumb infill surfaces to keep the same characteristics.

Acrylic is another popular option for artificial grass surfaces. It is made of a mixture of synthetic fibers and resin which create its bouncy, plastic-like appearance. Also, it does not absorb moisture well which can reduce the frequency that your surface will need watering. Additionally, it is a fairly low maintenance product. It is resistant to cracking and its flat texture keeps potholes at bay. Additionally, manufacturers of this type of infill surfaces also produce rubber crumb infill surfaces to maintain the same characteristics.

One of the most unique infill choices on the market is polyethylene football field turf. This material is made from ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It is known for its resistance to fading, cracking, or abrading. Unlike most artificial materials, this surface does not need water, oxygen, or sunlight to survive. However, to reduce its visual appeal, its appearance may appear less vibrant than natural fibers.

Many different types of pitches available can be installed on top of an artificial turf field. Typically, these pitches are manufactured to resemble grass with the same bounce characteristics as natural grass. However, with advancements in technology, many manufacturers have also developed pitches that imitate clay, dirt, or even golf greens. For example, cricket pitches and baseball diamond pitches are now being manufactured that closely resemble the characteristics of a natural grass surface.

Some residential customers also request a blend of natural grass and artificial fibers. In most cases, this request is met with a green lacquer that mimics the characteristics of natural lawns. This lacquer is also water-resistant and durable, allowing for the installation of tennis courts on top of the synthetic fibers. By combining both types of surfaces, residential customers can enjoy the benefits of having a tennis court without having to pay the cost of a natural lawn.

In summary, companies that provide artificial pitches and turf installations are quickly becoming the top choice when it comes to providing artificial turf for residential and commercial use. Not only do these companies offer high-quality pitches and turf, but they also install the products and ensure their installation as well as sales. They are often the right choice when it comes to getting a new artificial pitch installed because they have the experience and knowledge to provide quality products and installation. If you need to install an artificial turf for either residential or commercial use, a leading provider of this product will likely be your best option.

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